Specific Features of Regulatory and Information-Related Components of Cognitive Processes in 7–10-Year-Old Children with Local EEG Abnormalities in the Right Hemisphere. O. A. Semenova, R. I. Machinskaya, 2011

Institute of Developmental Physiology, Russian Academy of Education, Moscow

Abstract - Two groups of 7–10-year-old children were formed on the basis of the results of visual analysis of their EEG. The first group included 15 children with local EEG deviations in the right hemisphere, and the second group included 21 children without EEG deviations from the age norm (control group). In both groups, the ability to control the state of activity and verbal and nonverbal higher mental functions were neuropsychologically assessed. As compared to children of the control group, children with local EEG deviations in the right hemisphere demonstrated some difficulties in strategy formation, reduced ability to maintain already formed programs, increased fatigue, changes in affective behavior (anxiety and behavioral excitability), deficit of visual and somatosensory perceptual synthesis, reduction in object recognition efficiency, and visual memory deficit.

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